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Please join us for a series of worship services held throughout the month of November centered around the theme of stewardship. Stewardship can best be defined, to me, as “all the ways that we respond to what God has done for us by caring for the gifts that God has given to us.”

Your Joint Board has set November as a stewardship campaign for our congregation and has tasked a stewardship committee of myself, Trustee Peggy Landgraf, and Elder Kari Caulum to create a program centered around the 4 “T’s” of Stewardship – Testimony, Talent, Time, and Treasure. Each Sunday will focus on a different T.

On November 7th, we will focus on Testimony. Everyone has a testimony to share – what’s yours? We will focus on some practical training on how to share your faith with others. Far and away the most effective church growth strategy is personal invitation. Who has God called you to invite to church?

On November 14th, we will focus on Talent. This Sunday will be all about you -- what are your gifts? What talents has God blessed you with? What talents have you developed over your life? And how might you put them to use? You will have an opportunity to complete a brief spiritual gifts inventory that will help you better understand your gifts and talents.

On November 21st, we will focus on Time. They say time is a construct – we choose how and where to spend our time. How can we be better stewards of our time? What are ministries within the church where our time can best be put to use? A time and talent survey will be offered to help our congregational leadership see where our members would most be interested in serving.

On November 28th, we will focus on Treasure. When most people hear “stewardship” in church, they often think of money. While our finances are just one part of how we respond faithfully to God’s gifts, it is still important that we take some time to discuss this part. Some of us may be doing all we can in this area, others of us perhaps need some encouragement to give more faithfully. Pledge cards for 2022 will be distributed as we all seek to return unto the Lord a portion of God’s gracious gifts according to our ability.

Pastor Jason

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