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If you were to complete the following phrase, how would you finish it? “Christian Faith Moravian Church exists to ___________________________.” Would you say that it
exists to provide a place to worship God and learn about God’s love for us? That it provides opportunities for spiritual development across the lifespan? That it exists to serve the needs of the community? Most likely, you might say that CFMC exists for all those things, as well as a few more.


As you reflect on that question, let me ask you two others. How would you finish these phrases? “Christian Faith Moravian Church meets my needs by __________________________________” and “I help with the ministries of Christian Faith
Moravian Church by ___________________________________.” I would encourage and challenge you that regardless of whether you attend every Sunday or whether it’s been a while since you’ve been at church, your true connection to Christ’s church at CFMC can be gauged by your ability to confidently provide an answer to those three questions.


If you are struggling with one or more of them, I would love to talk to you. Your inability to answer one of those questions may be indicative of how you may need to grow in your faith. Or . . . it may be indicative of how the congregation (and I as your pastor) have not fulfilled our covenant promise to care for you.


A story that illustrates the concept of our connection to Christ and his church comes from the Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard, who once compared the concept of church to that of theater. The three main components of theater are the director, the performers, and the audience. The mistake we make of worship and church participation, Kierkegaard argued, is to think that God is the director, the pastor and other church leaders are the performers, and the congregation is the audience. The true picture of the church in action -- through worship, study, and service – would put the pastor and other church leaders as the directors (providing guidance and instruction on what to do and how to do it), the
congregation as the performers (carrying out the actual ministries both internally in worship and spiritual development and externally in mission and service to the community), and God as the audience seeing and receiving our worship and our witness.


How is it with your soul these days? Where are you restless and discontent in your faith? How is God calling you to grow and change? And how can I as your pastor and this congregation as your family in Christ be of service to you?


Pastor Jason

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"Christian Faith Moravian Church is a welcoming community of faithful and accepting people.
We have very meaningful Worship Services and we are committed to our Mission Services.
I was welcomed into this hospitable Church from day one”.



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