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Worship Ministries

Call to Worship
Coordinator- Kari Caulum

The "Call to Worship" is directed to the people by God through the leader. It is an act that brings the worshiping community into being. It is a call to focus mind, heart, and intention on the worship of God.

Scripture Reader
Coordinator- Kari Caulum

Volunteers read the assigned scripture during Sunday morning worship. Schedules are sent out in advance so that the reader is able to become familiar with the text. The scripture serves as the basis of the sermon each Sunday.

Prayer Network
Coordinator- Kari Caulum

The mission of the Prayer network is to communicate requests for prayers to a network of individuals who are committed to the ministry of prayer for people in need.

Worship Hosts
Bob Hudecek & Jerry Mayr

Serving as a Worship Host or Usher helps the church to provide a welcoming environment for people attending services by greeting them when they enter the building. The Worship Host turns on proper lights in the sanctuary and lights the candles for worship. Other tasks include; passing out bulletins and other information, collecting the tithes and offerings and assisting members and visitors when needed. Members of all ages are welcome to serve as a Worship Host.

Coordinator- Shirley Block

The Sacristan prepares the communion trays by filling the needed number of cups with grape juice for communion. This person also sets up the communion table which is near the altar with the placement of the bread and the communion trays. Following worship the Sacristan is responsible for clean up of the bread and washing the communion cups and communion trays

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