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Join us each Sunday morning at 9:00 am. 
We will be using a curriculum entitled “For the Life of the World.”
Both the adult class and the youth classes will be using the same curriculum so that
families can share together what they’ve learned.
You can learn more about this curriculum at

Meets each Thursday at 9:00 am.

Each Bible Study will meet in person in the Zinzendorf Room.
All are welcome regardless of Biblical literacy or familiarity --
you won't be put on the spot or made to answer questions if you aren't comfortable.
You're welcome to come and listen, or join in on the conversation. Invite a friend!

Youth in grade 6 & 7 are invited to confirm their faith in Christ.
In preparation for this momentous step, the confirmands meet with Pastor Jason for regular
weekly classes over the course of a year. Topics covered include the Bible, the Trinity, sin and salvation,
Christian living, and Church history and structure.
Days and times of classes are set between Pastor Jason, the confirmands, and their parents.