Property & Facility Ministries

Church Cleaning 
Coordinator- Peggy Landgraf
We appreciate the efforts of our members to assist with the cleaning of our church. You may work as a team or as an individual to vacuum the carpeted areas, sweep tiled floors, clean the restrooms, touch up the glass doorways, dust window sills and any other areas that are in need of attention 

Flower & Candle Coordinator
Coordinator- Peggy Landgraf
The volunteer is responsible for the caring of the floral décor and plants for the Church and the maintenance of the candles for the Sanctuary. 

Church Lawn 
Coordinator-Daryl Stephens
Our volunteer trims and cuts grass on assigned areas of the church grounds, using the church’s riding lawn mower, push mower and other equipment.​

Cemetery Caretaker 
Coordinator- Jerry Mayr
Our volunteer maintains the beauty of the cemetery with regular mowing of grass and trimming around monuments and memorials. During the winter months, if there is a burial the volunteer makes sure the driveway is clear of snow. 

Snow Removal
Coordinators- Russ Karow & Jerry Mayr

With the snow, comes the task of keeping our walkways and parking lot safe. The main job is to keep the buildings safe and clear of any snow and ice.

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