Moravian Sites of Interest


Moravian Daily Text

The Daily Texts is a daily devotional guide published yearly since 1731. Begun in Germany as a daily oral tradition, it soon became a regularly printed set of texts for each day of the year. The texts are chosen yearly in Germany for use in all editions of the Daily Texts throughout the world.

Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center

Mt Morris is the site of all of our Youth Camp Programs offered by the Western District of the Moravian Church. Established in 1964, Mt. Morris Camp & Retreat Center is a year-round premier camp, retreat, and conference center that serves hundreds of groups each year.

Marquart Village Retirement Community

Sponsored by the Western District of the Moravian Church, Marquardt Village is a faith-based community open for all. It was created from a simple desire to help others and ensure no one in need ever goes without care.

805 E. Holum  DeForest, Wisconsin 53532


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