Learn & Grow- Christian Education

Youth Classes
From September - May, we have three Sunday school classes which begin at 9:00 am.

  • A PreK class

  • A Primary Grade class taught by a rotation of teachers

  • A Junior & Senior High class taught by Pastor Jason

The classes take up an offering each week to help sponsor a child through Compassion International. The current child we are sponsoring is a little boy named Sozali who lives in Tanzania.  To learn more about Compassion International click here.

Confirmation Class

Young children around grade 6-7 are invited to consider if they may be ready to confirm their faith in Christ. In preparation for this momentous step, the confirmands meet with Pastor Jason for regular weekly classes over the course of a year. Topics covered include the Bible, the Trinity, sin and salvation, Christian living, and Church history and structure. Days and times of classes are set between Pastor Jason, the confirmands, and their parents.

Early Communion

For those who have not yet confirmed their faith in Christ but wish to begin receiving communion during worship, Pastor Jason leads an Early Communion Workshop. This is typically held on a Saturday morning for 3 hours. In this workshop, we discuss what communion means and provide young people with an opportunity to make a profession of faith.

Youth Ministry 

We have quarterly youth events that provide an opportunity for fellowship, games, food, fun, and service to others. Check the monthly newsletter to find out the next upcoming youth event. We also have summer church camps for youth in grade 1-2, grade 3-5, grade 6-8, and grade 9-age 21.

Adult Classes

There are two regular Adult Bible Study classes offered at Christian Faith Moravian Church. One is held on Sunday mornings during September - May from 9:00 - 10:00 am and is typically a study and discussion of a piece of contemporary literature. The other is held year-round on Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 10:00 am and is a Bible Book study led by Pastor Jason. Throughout the year there may be a special bible study series offered for adults. These studies are usually held in the evenings or mornings and are publicized in the bulletin and newsletter when they begin.

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