The Joint Board of Christian Faith Moravian Church

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders consists of members of the congregation of legal age and the pastor, who is president of the board. The elders meet once a month, and as often besides as may be necessary. A vice-president and secretary are chosen from among their number.The elders are especially charged with the spiritual care and oversight of the congregation and all classes of its membership. Their responsibilities also include, but are not limited to, striving to secure faithful compliance with the enactments of the Unity, Provincial and District Synods; seeing to the public means of grace are regularly and faithfully dispensed according to the ritual and usage of the Moravian Church; oversight of the Christian culture of the members of the congregation of their instruction in doctrine, in the history, principles and usages of the Moravian Church; deciding on all matters pertaining to the admission, dismissal, suspension and exclusion of members; use of the church office; appointment of the organist, ushers, sacristans and such other assistants as may be necessary at the public services, and evangelism emphasis for the church.

Members of the Board of Elders
Wil Schwefel, Vice Chair (2020-2022)
Marty Karow, Secretary (2019-2021)
Jill Stephens  (2019-2021)
Whitney BaDour (2019-2021)
Sandi Newell (2020-2022)

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of six members of the congregation and the pastor. The Trustees are especially charged with the oversight of the temporal affairs of the congregation. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, securing the prompt payment of all salaries, bills, and provincial and district obligations; keeping all church property in good repair and in an attractive condition; be in charge of all permanent funds of the congregation, exercising the greatest care to invest said funds safely; arrange for audits of the accounts and preparation of the annual report of the treasurer and financial secretary, and report to Church Council.The Board meets once per month, with additional meetings as is necessary. A president, vice-president and secretary are chosen from among their number, (with the secretary keeping a faithful record of the board’s proceedings) and they appoint a financial secretary and a treasurer who are not voting members of the board unless elected by the council to the Board of Trustees.

Members of the Board of Trustees
Joel Caulum, Chair (2019-2021)
Bob Hudecek , Vice Chair (2019-2021)

Michael Harke (2019-2021)
Daryl Stephens (2020-2022)

Peggy Landgraf, Secretary (2020-2022)

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